Cascade Tile

2014 | dwdo Resin, Glass Bead, LED, Acrylic   As dwdo, developed and fabricated custom tile material and pattern with resin for Somerset Place Apartments. Implemented design development and created a fast paced production schedule to fabricate 60+ custom resin tiles by hand in our shop. Optimized process. Designed and installed RGB LED control system

Yum Cha Chicago

Chicago, IL | dwdw + dwdo 2014 Interiors + Objects   >>dwdw >>dwdo     Object Development

Pedata Pendant

2014 | dwdo Stainless Steel, Acrylic, LED, Found Building Artifacts   Design, development, and fabrication of LED pendants with historical artifacts for Somerset Place Apartments.   >>dwdo     Process

Ghost Chandelier

2014 | dwdo To be: Glass Neon Tube, Acrylic   Conceptual fixture design and development for dwdo.   >>dwdo Concept     Design Development